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August 14, 2017
Went to my second crewdate

Joining OUMC is an opportunity not to be missed. For those new to climbing, we can help you take your first steps in this adventurous and fulfilling sport; while the club does not provide formalised instruction in climbing or mountaineering, our members have many years' worth of experience that they will be happy to share with you. We can offer more experienced climbers a large, enthusiastic group of potential climbing partners operating across a wide range of disciplines and grades. OUMC is considerably more active than many comparable university, town or regional clubs, and all members have the opportunity to get involved with the club's vibrant social scene.

You can join at any time of year, but if you're arriving in Oxford for Michaelmas Term you may want to come along to our introductory slideshow where we explain exactly what the club does for its members and how to get involved. Alternatively, come along to the Gardeners Arms on a Wednesday evening, or a climbing session at the Brookes climbing wall on a Tuesday evening. In the first few weeks of Michaelmas term, we'll be meeting on High Street to walk to these places; after that, you can find your way using our maps page.

Please Note

Climbing is an inherently dangerous sport, and everyone taking part in a club event (whether a member or not) is responsible for their own involvement and safety.

OUMC considers the safety of all participants in its activities to be of the highest importance, and our members are required to read and adhere to the OUMC Code of Conduct in line with the club's Risk Assessment.

Source: users.ox.ac.uk
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