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June 29, 2020
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This site contains the following:

  1. Admissions Statistics supplements: these were published annually in December, January, or February, and provided analyses of admissions in the current academic year.
    Note: as from 2010 (statistics relating to 2009 entry) the Admissions Statistics supplement has been discontinued. The statistics are now available online only.
  2. Tables summarising Final Honour School (i.e. first degree) results: these are published annually, usually in October or November, and provide a breakdown of the results of the degree examinations held at the end of the preceding academic year. Prior to 1996, these tables give percentages only: from and including 1996 numbers of candidates are given, with percentage figures in parentheses. From 2006, a separate table is provided giving a breakdown of candidate numbers by gender. Further analyses of the figures were added in 2008.
  3. Student Numbers supplements: these are published annually, usually in July, and give a breakdown of the composition of the student body as at the end of the preceding calendar year.

The Admissions Statistics supplements and Final Honour Schools tables are available from 1990. The Student Numbers supplements are available from 1991: the information in the 1991 supplement represents the position as at December 1990.

All files are in PDF format.

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Source: www.ox.ac.uk
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